Founder of Econsultants Ltd

Econsultants Ltd (West African Economic Consultants and Social Research), an Integrated Economic and Industrial Engineering company is a consultancy founded by late Baba Omojola, a renowned Economist and Investment planner, consultant/ specialist with the UN Economic Commission for Africa from 1977.  EL comprises of highly trained, experienced and specialized consultants for Feasibility Studies, Market & Social Research, Renewable Energy, and Industrial & Environmental Engineering. Following the death of our founder, the company has restructured and has expanded its activities into engineering project implementation especially in the areas of renewable energy, environment management and industrial engineering.

We have strong competencies in:

  •       Consultancy & Feasibility Studies,
  •       Market & Social Research,
  •       Renewable Energy, and
  •       Industrial & Environmental Engineering

We implement consulting and research services in Nigeria and West-Africa for local companies, foreign investors, NGOs, and public administrations

For International Investors coming into the growing and challenging business environment of Nigeria and West Africa, Econsultants have proven facilities to operate in difficult working environments as supervisors and project management and can undertake for our clients market research, macro-economic studies and analyses of business trends, economic intelligence, country profiles, training and enhancement of capability.

For International agencies, Econsultants have undertaken projects on: regional economic surveys, social research, rational planning of social welfare schemes, and have acted as investment advisors and promoters. The company has undertaken many projects with the United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO) African States, Nigerian government and the private sectors in Nigeria and Africa.

For turnkey engineering projects such as industrial pipeline and tanks construction, environmental safety, sustainable waste management, solar energy installation and maintenance, occupational health and safety services we collaborate with our German and European partners to provide our clients with the best service. We are enthusiastic about innovative ideas and the use of appropriate technology through traditional values. This is why we take pride to say we are capable of implementing key projects with the highest quality.