EMR delivers tailored research and intelligence on the Nigerian consumer market and socio-political environment, from our base in Lagos, with researchers available throughout Nigeria.

Through our founder, the renowned economist, Baba Omojola, the company has been engaged across Nigeria since 1966 (when we started as West African Economic Consultants and Social Research). 

Whilst the parent company, Econsultants, delivers innovative solutions in government, business, and engineering, EMR focuses on providing on-field and desk research such as:

Field Surveys and Analysis

Qualitative interviews and focus groups

Ethnographic research

Economic surveys and social research

Retail research including retail audits

Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

Market Entry Studies

Product Development Studies

Branding and Pricing Studies

Advertising Research

Documentary Research

Our key staff have proven experience in global research companies, and understanding of the complex Nigerian environment, with a network of freelance staff and contacts across the breadth of the country.  We deliver research solutions and forward thinking plans for businesses in Nigeria, a place where market intelligence is highly critical to success in any endeavour.

Our staff offer a wealth of both the highest standards of research and insights based on our extensive local knowledge and contacts over the length and breadth of Nigeria, which has been built since 1966, through the work of our founder - Baba Omojola.

We are well placed to provide insight and intelligence if you want to do any of the following:

Build a business plan and/or feasibility studies

Collect and analyse social and demographic statistics for public-sector interventions

Entry into the Nigerian market

Understanding the consumer base

Supply and value chain analysis